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Initial care, initial
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What costs does the health insurer actually cover?

Let’s talk about money: if you need a breast form after breast cancer surgery, you don’t have to pay for it out of your own pocket. In Germany, the costs of a breast form are covered by statutory health insurance. There are also subsidies for the necessary special bras and swimsuits.

You are entitled to initial care immediately after surgery. If your scars heal after a few weeks and the swelling subsides, you will receive “initial equipment”. This is followed by the “regular supply”. This means that
every year or every two years, you are entitled to subsidies or the full assumption of the costs of a few new acquisitions.

If you gain or lose a lot of weight, you will receive a completely “new supply” from your health insurance. And if you also need lymphoedema treatment, your health insurer will usually cover the costs of the necessary remedies.

Regional differences – help from specialist stores

The subsidies may vary depending on the health insurer and the federal
state. Many health insurers have set up “aid competence centres”. There you can find out what subsidies your health insurer will provide. Or ask your medical supply shop!

They are very familiar with regulations and bills, and can tell you how much your own contribution is. The specialist stores often also take over the
application for subsidies. In Switzerland, breast form and bras are reimbursed annually either by health insurance or by IV (disability insurance). The specialist store usually registers with the IV or health
insurer. Some specialist stores also charge IV directly, which is not possible with health insurance.

Here is an overview we have provided. It shows you what the health insurers reimburse at which stage of your treatment.

Immediately after the operation: the
“initial care”:

After amputation:
For breast-preserving surgery:
After the scars and swelling have healed:

Continuous/the “regular supply”*:

Every two years:
Every two/three years:
For lymphoedema treatment/in addition to manual lymphatic drainage:

Everything new in case of a change in weight:

*Have you gained or lost a lot of weight? In case of a significant change in weight, the health insurer will pay for a completely new supply. However, the change in weight must be confirmed by a doctor.