Diagnose breast cancer - innovative all-round care, everything from a single source
SILIMA® Care - innovative all-round care for the diagnosis
of breast cancer – everything from a single source
Breast cancer diagnosis: “What now?”

Confronting cancer with your heart
and a cool head – together with

experts and like-minded people!

Breast Cancer treatment has come a long way in recent years and is a success
story of modern medicine. Early detection, molecular biology diagnostics, new
types of medication, gentle surgical procedures and tailor-made follow-up care
are good reasons to be hopeful, even after you´ve been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Innovative all-round care from a single source!

On the following pages, you will find everything you need to
know about treating breast cancer. We will assist you after your
breast cancer diagnosis and give you guidance in the treatment
jungle. You can also find advice for your life and daily routine
after therapy – from breast cancer experts and other patients
who can empathize with how you are feeling. And if you have any
questions or concerns: we will help you further with contacts for
all topics – regardless of whether you want to share your concern
or simply want to know how your health insurer covers the costs
of prostheses and breast forms.

Living with breast cancer

Modern cancer therapy rests on many pillars. Surgery, radiation and many different medications have significantly improved the chances of recovery. And the accurate diagnosis of your breast cancer is already the first step in a successful treatment.

Life after breast cancer

After the successful end of your treatment, you have every reason to celebrate: you have your life back! But it is a different life, a “new normal”, in which you will always be accompanied by the aftercare of your cancer.

Working together for women with and after breast cancer

Working together for women with and after breast cancer

Better life with lymphoedema

We have collected the tricks, tips and advice from many patients. They know how you can get through everyday life more easily despite lymphedema. Here is a tip list with their top ten.

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